Your options are limitless. There are wellness resorts, 5-star hotels, glamping tents and yurts, dude ranches, yachts and tall ships, treehouses and beach front properties. 

There are workshops on everything from astrology, chakras, meditation, exercise, cooking and wine tasting and so much more.

You can just relax and enjoy your private butler attending to your every whim. You can take a nap in the middle of the day or watch the sun come up over the horizon.

It's all there waiting for you...

What makes your heart sing?

Travel can be absolutely transformational. It can be simple or complicated. It can be rustic or luxurious. 

Contact me today and let's get that dream started!

Do any of these statements describe how you feel?

You take care of everyone and everything in your life

Your days are so busy, you run out of time and energy to do things for yourself

You work hard but have forgotten how to play harder

Sometimes you feel like you have nothing left to give

Are the demands of your busy life taking a toll?


You could learn how to have a more balanced lifestyle!

You could slow down and focus on doing the things you like, or nothing at all!

You could be pampered and spoiled by having your every wish fulfilled!

You could work on the components of your life that need help like diet, exercise, meditation, energy!

Choose one of the retreats I have designed or customize your very own escape.


Time for you travels

Travel that restores your mind, body and spirit.

You don't have to worry about reviews and websites, thanks to my vetted travel partners and experience, I take the stress and worry out of planning your perfect getaway.

At Time For You Travels, I professionally craft well-being travel that is customized for those looking to reconnect to themselves and others, nourish their body and soul, and return home restored and renewed. You are reinvigorated and ready to take on the world.


Packages Include:

Two proposed itineraries based on discussion from consultation
Up to 5 hours for adjustments, additions and changes
All travel documents, information about destination and a special gift

Assistance before, during and after your travel
Virtuoso Luxury Travel exclusive perks and upgrades where applicable
Current and up to date information on travel policies regarding your destination

My business model is that of an advocate, advisor and travel designer. I work for your best interests, not mine or a supplier's. My focus is meeting your needs and customizing your travel to exactly what you are looking for. 

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Step 1

Free Consultation

We meet in person or via Zoom call and I gather the information I need to put together itinerary options for you. Once you sign the planning agreement and take care of the fee, we get started.

Step 2


I present two proposals to you based on your criteria. You choose one, we adjust as needed and I book your travel.

Step 3

Pre/Post Travel

I make sure you have everything you need for your trip including destination information and a special gift. I am here to assist you before, during and after your travel.

Let's get started!


Privacy Policy

6 Types of Spa Vacations

Get access to this complimentary guide to discover what types of spas resorts are out there and which is the best fit for you. My gift to you.


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