Are you running on empty?

We all need a little help from time to time. Here's a story about a time when I needed a "reset".


I wasn't aware of it at the time, but I actually had my first well-being experience many years ago, following my divorce. It was a very emotionally painful time. I really became empty and felt I could barely get through the day. I had a business to run, children to take care of, but I just didn't have anything left to give. So I finally decided I had to do something. I took a few days to focus on my healing and planted myself on a beach. You see, listening to the waves crash, feeling the sun on my face, walking on the water's edge searching for shells are all things that recharge my batteries and make me happy. One day as I was sitting there on the sand with the surf lapping up around me when I looked down and there were hundreds of tiny shells all around me. I felt they were put there just for me and it instantly filled my soul. What a tremendous gift those few days were to me. Such a simple thing, but so powerful. Because I took time for myself, to restore myself, I was able to go back to my life ready to take care of the people and things in my life that needed me with a new energy.

Your need may be entirely different than mine was. But I bet you have one. Something that could use some TLC. Let's talk.

I'm Paula, nice to meet you!

hey lady!

I have two cats and a dog. They are all rescues. They all think they are in charge.

My husband and I have a blended (or scrambled as I like to call it) family with 7 kids and 9 grandkids.

I am interested in all sorts of well-being related topics and travel. I am on a personal wellness journey to be a better me.

I have a great passion to share what I learn with others.

Fun facts about me:


Sit back and let me do the heavy lifting...

My business model is that of an advocate, advisor and travel designer. I work for your best interests, not mine or a supplier's. My focus is meeting your needs and customizing your travel to exactly what you are looking for. My design fees vary, depending on the complexity of the trip and components, and start at $250. The design fee includes a complimentary initial consultation, two proposed itineraries based on the discussion we have in that consultation, and up to 5 hours for adjustments, additions and changes to the travel plan. Your fee structure will be quoted after the initial complimentary consultation.

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